Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Arrivals (Updating) - February 2013

  • Transport phenomena fundamentals \c Joel Plawsky. 
  • Organic materials for sustainable construction \c edited by Yves Mouton. 
  • Powell-Smith and Furmston's building contract casebook \c Michael Furmston. 
  • Sterilization and disinfection by plasma : sterilization mechanisms, biological, and medical applications \c Akikazu Sakudo and Hideharu Shintani, editors. 
  • Marine environmental governance : from international law to local practice \c Erika J. Techera. 
  • Policy instruments for environmental and natural resource management \c Thomas Sterner and Jessica Coria. 
  • Highway safety improvement efforts \c Alexander J. Mumford, editor. 
  • Autonomous underwater vehicles : modeling, control design, and simulation \c Sabiha Wadoo, Pushkin Kachroo. 
  • Project management : systems, principles, and applications \c Adedeji B. Badiru 
  • Digital protective relays : problems and solutions \c Vladimir Gurevich. 
  • Environmental law and pollution control enforcement \c Denise G. Olivares, editor 
  • Smart sensors and sensing technology \c editor, Daniel E. Suarez. 
  • Electrochemical properties and applications of ionic liquids \c Angel A.J. Torriero and Muhammad J.A. Shiddiky, editors. 
  • Multi-criteria decision analysis : environmental applications and case studies \c Igor Linkov, Emily Moberg. 
  • Water & wastewater treatment : a guide for the nonengineering professional \c Joanne E. Drinan ; associate editor: Nancy E. Whiting 
  • Electrical solitons : theory,design, and applications \c by David S. Ricketts, Donhee Ham. 
  • Pump wisdom : problem solving for operators and specialists \c by Heinz P. Bloch. 
  • Lighting redesign for existing buildings / \c Craig DiLouie. 
  • Biosensors in food processing, safety, and quality control \c edited by Mehmet Mutlu. 
  • Construction reliability : safety, variability and sustainability \c edited by Julien Baroth, Franck Schoefs, Denys Breysse. 
  • The science and technology of industrial water treatment \c edited by Zahid Amjad. 
  • Construction management for industrial projects : a modular guide for project managers \c Mohamed A. El-Reedy.

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