Monday, September 3, 2012

New Arrivals - September 2012

  • Creative people must be stopped : six ways we kill innovation (without even trying) \c David A Owens.
  • The digital innovation playbook : creating a transformative customer experience \c Nicholas J. Webb.
  • Disciplined dreaming : a proven system to drive breakthrough creativity \c Josh Linkner.
  • The 10x rule : the only difference between success and failure \c Grant Cardone.
  • Why people fail : the 16 obstacles to success and how you can overcome them \c Siimon Reynolds.
  • Classic and advanced ceramics : from fundamentals to applications \c by Robert B. Heimann.
  • Materials under extreme loadings : application to penetration and impact \c edited by Eric Buzaud, Ioan R. Ionescu, George Z. Voyiadji
  • Respect : delivering results by giving employees what they really want \c Jack Wiley and Brenda Kowske.
  • Money, banking, and financial markets \c Stephen G. Cecchetti, Kermit L. Schoenholtz.
  • Selling : building partnerships \c Stephen B. Castleberry, John F. Tanner.
  • Global business today \c Charles W.L. Hill.

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