Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Arrivals - Mei 2012

·         Principles of business \ Les R. Dlabay, James L. Burrow, Brad A. Kleindl.
·         Advances in human factors, ergonomics, and safety in manufacturing and service industries \ edited by Gavriel Salvendy and Waldemar Karwowski
·         Advances in human factors and ergonomics in healthcare \ edited by Vincent G. Duffy
·         Advances in applied digital human modeling \ edited by Vincent G. Duffy.
·         Advances in cross cultural decision making \ Dylan Schmorrow and  Denise Nicholson
·         Advances in occupational, social, and organizational ergonomics \ edited by Peter Vink and Jussi Kantola.
·         Advances in understanding human performance :  neuroergonomics, human factors design, and special populations \ edited by Tadeusz Marek , Waldemar Karwowski and Valerie Rice.
·         Developing HR talent : building a strategic partnership with the business \ Kirsty Saddler and Jan Hills
·         Terbang tinggi seperti AirAsia \ Mazlan Mohammad.
·         Understanding company secretarial practices in Malaysia \ Zuaini Ishak, Nor Aziah Abdul Manaf and Chan Wai Meng.
·         Environmental biotechnologies for bioremediation of contaminated lands and soil by microbes, plants and earthworms \ Rajiv K. Sinha, Dalsukh Valani, and Shweta Sinha.
·         Six sigma in HR transformation : achieving excellence in service delivery \ Mircea Albeanu and Ian Hunter
·         Charlesworth's company law \ by Stephen D. Girvin and Sandra Frisby, Alastair Hudson.
·         Project sponsorship : an essential guide for those sponsoring projects within their organazations \ David West.
·         Proactive law for managers : a hidden source of competitive advantage \ George Siedel and Helena Haapio.
·         Macroeconomics for today \ Irvin B Tucker
·         Finance at the threshold : rethinking the real and financial economies \ Christopher Houghton Budd.
·         Electric machinery fundamentals \ Stephen J. Chapman
·         Female immigrant entrepreneurs : the economic and social impact of a global phenomenon \ edited by Daphne Halkis ... [et al.].
·         Technical communication \ John Michael Lannon, Laura J. Gurak
·         Strategic review : \b the process of strategy formulation in complex organisations \ Robert F. Grattan
·         Creating and re-creating corporate entrepreneurial culture \ Alzira Salama

Royifazulmaldy Bin Zakaria (Roy) Jawatankuasa Promosi, Sumber Dan Perkhidmatan Perpustakaan Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP)

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