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30th Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2011

Organised by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia through the National Book Council (MBKM), together with the Malaysian Book Industry Council that comprises of the major players of the local book industry, KLIBF is definitely of the major events in the global publishing calendar. Now in its 29th year, KLIBF provides a networking opportunity to meet with the local and international publishing community.

Over 1 million visitors attend the KLIBF every year. It is the perfect place for book lovers to get the latest books and promotions from publishers around the region. Book launches, seminars, conventions, and lots of other activities are in place to suit all levels of the reading community.

What's new in KLIBF 2011

For KLIBF 2011, we've created a "Trade & Copyright Centre", specially dedicated for local and foreign trade exhibitors and visitors to encourage exchanging of publishing and distribution rights for the benefit of the local book industry players.

The "Trade & Copyright Centre" will at the Tun Razak Hall 2 (across the river) during the 5 working days of KLIBF (Monday Friday 22nd April - Friday 1st May). Opening hours are from 10.00am to 8.00pm. Only trade visitors are allowed access to the trade area.

KLIBF 2009 Facts & Figures

Categories of books:
General titles, Philosophy & Psychology, Religion, Social Sciences,
Languages, Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Technology, Art,
Literature, Geography & History

124 local publishers
29 foreign publishers
36 local government agencies
3 foreign government agencies

Australia, Brunei, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Laos, Philippines, Turkey, UK, USA, Vietnam

No. of Booths: 665
No. of Visitors: 1.5 million visitors
Past Visitors' Record:

KLIBF 2006 - 700,000 visitors
KLIBF 2007 - 1,000,000 visitors
KLIBF 2008 - 2,200,000 visitors

Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sprawling over 1.7 million square feet with 253,000 sq feet of exhibition space, Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) is known for its high levels of personal service and a flexible approach to event management, making it popular with event organisers and meeting planners alike.

PWTC is synonymous with the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair, having been the official venue for many years and for 2010, Tun Razak Hall 2 (across the river) will be used as an extension to the usual exhibition space due to the overwhelming demand for 29th KLIBF.

The Organisers: MBKM & MBIC

The National Book Council of Malaysia or MBKM (formerly known as the National Book Development Council) was established in 1968 with the aim of promoting a reading culture among the Malaysian public, besides encouraging the development and use of books in this country. The council is a professional and advisory body in book development in Malaysia, which has the full support of the government and the private sectors that are involved in the development of the book industry for social and national interests.

As a non-profit-making body, its sources of income are mainly from the ministry;s annual operating budget and from private donations. Among other things, the council's main objectives are to promote professionalism in the book industry, coordinate book development activities, encourage reading habits, and facilitate negotiations among the parties that are involved in the production and consumption of books.

Visit MBKM's website at

In collaboration with...

Malaysian Book Exporters and Importers Association (MBEIA) was formed after realising that the issues of the importation of books and magazines, conversion rates, and other related issues needed more focus, apart from local publishing issues. A decision was made and the association was registered on 30 April 1980.

Malaysian Booksellers Association (MBA) was formed to complement MBKM, consisting of 106 members currently who are engaged in selling a wide range of books, marketing and distribution activities of textbooks, children's books, general and trade books, academic and reference materials and electronic publications.

Malaysian Book Contractors Association (PKBM) was registered in 1989, made up of 74 members which comprise of bumiputera companies registered as panels for book contract with the Ministry of Finance Malaysia. PKBM members supply imported books to all government agencies/ department libraries throughout Malaysia.

Visit PKBM's website at

Malaysian Book Publishers Association (MABOPA) was officially registered on 14 January 1969 to represent legitimate Malaysian publishers' interests. MABOPA's main objectives are to encourage the widest spread of printed books and the development of the publishing trade in Malaysia. MABOPA is also involved in efforts to promote reading and literacy activities in Malaysia. Its members are also consistently involved in major international book fairs around the world.

Visit MABOPA's website at

Malaysian Scholarly Publishing Council (MAPIM) is an active body in the development of scholarly and scientific publications. Its members are from public institutions of higher learning, research centres in Malaysia, government agencies, and the Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka.

Malaysian Bumiputera Book Publishers & Distributors Association (PPPBBM) was established to assist bumiputera book publishers and distributors in carrying out their business.

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